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AMS Dataserf Box Truck

category: wraps

AMS Dataserf Box Truck

Vehicle wraps are a specialty service offered by my work for cargo vans and other company cars. My task entails a lot of complex measurements and precise planning in the design stage to avoid headaches in the installation stage. I print the design on a 54-inch roll with about 48 inches of usage space flanked by safety margins. I strategically position the seams to avoid having to splice text or pictures. In some instances I also need to account for the vehicles’ curvature and various grooves and be cognizant of their locations. Using the vehicles’ straight-on and angled pictures taken by my coworkers, I overlay my design to generate mockups for my clients to critique and to guide the installers.

  • Skills

    Photoshop, Illustrator.

  • Client

    AMS Data Serf